7 Good Reasons Ready-to-wear Blouses are so in Trend Now

Gone are the days when buying a new saree meant getting the blouse stitched first. From choosing the right complimenting fabric to finding a good tailoring boutique, selecting a blouse design and getting the measurements just right - A saree’s blouse came with its list of struggles, not to forget multiple trips to the Tailor to get your fit right.

Modern-day women understand the value of time, so they are all shifting towards trends that can make their lives easier. Let's take a look at a few big reasons why Ready-to-wear Blouses are on-trend in India now.


1. A massive Timesaver

Ready-to-wear blouses save so much time and effort. Hassle-free yet totally chic - these blouses are perfect for women who don't have the time to go to the fabric store and tailoring boutique to get that perfect blouse stitched.











2. Budget-friendly options

Women are always Looking for cost-effective options and ready-to-wear blouses are one of them. Ready-to-wear blouses may be economical - but that doesn't mean that they compromise on quality or the make. Brands utilize latest technology to make high quality Ready to wear blouses.










3. Stylish and on-trend designs

It can be really helpful when blouses are already designed to match your preference. Ready-to-wear blouses nowadays come in all colors, neck and back designs, with trendy sleeves or strappy details - the choices are fashionably endless.











4. No Sizing issues

Get the right fit without taking multiple trips to your tailor with Ready-to-wear blouses. These blouses are made to perfection when it comes to women’s sizes and the fitting usually is comfortable and just right! 











5. Versatile for all Occasions

Ready-to-wear blouses are usually Multifunctional and can be styled according to the occasion. A trendy blouse that goes perfectly with a saree can also be paired with jeans, skirts or shorts for a modern edgy look! Accessories play a big role in styling your blouses differently each time.











6. No Compromise on Quality and Comfort

Even though Ready-to-wear blouses can be easy on the pocket, brands pay much attention to not compromising on Fabric quality and production.

These blouses are made with care using state-of-the-art equipment and from the best quality fabrics,  that ensure long-wear comfort and good shelf life.











7. Padded blouses for the win!

Ready-to-wear blouses that are already padded are a godsend as one doesn't have to bother about what type or style of innerwear to pair with them. This proves to be another time-saving and efficient bonus.









With reasons as good as these, why would you want to get a blouse stitched ever again? With a good collection of Ready-to-wear blouses in your wardrobe, you can be stylishly ready for your next event. Check out our wide range of versatile Ready to wear blouses only at Triyah!