Smart ways to Up your Style game at work with Triyah's Formal Blouses

Most Workplace environments are adopting a more relaxed, inclusive culture - and this gives room for experimenting with your office wear looks. All you need are a touch of creativity and the right wardrobe pieces to experiment with. 

Take your styling game up a notch with Triyah’s Ready-to-wear, stylish and contemporary Blouses. These blouses are versatile enough to not only be worn with formal sarees but also be styled with formal pants, skirts and even dresses. Let’s take a look at some of our best Designs for work.


1. Grandeur Silky Shirt Blouse

Our Grandeur Silky Shirt Blouse in a Blue-gray Paradise Satin fabric is soft and luxurious to the touch. This shirt-style blouse features a sharp collar, cuffs with slit and hidden placket design.

The shine from the dual-tone fabric and overall design of this blouse is perfect to be paired with formal sarees, formal pants or under a blazer - for that Classy modern look.









2. Refined Taste Shirt Blouse with Gold Rose Applique

Keep it minimalistic with our Refined Taste Shirt Blouse. A collared shirt style blouse in lightweight Ruhani Doria fabric, this blouse features cuffs with slits, a hidden placket design, and beautiful Gold Rose applique on the collar for an elegant, feminine feel.

Pair this charming Cream color blouse with either formal sarees or high-waisted pants and accessorize with a belt at your waist, or subtle gold jewelry to match the rose applique.








3. Show your stripes Blouse

Say yes to smooth prints with our Show your Stripes Blouse! A modern blouse in mustard yellow and grey stripes with a V-neck, and chic puffed sleeves with cuffs - this Blouse is so understated yet fun!

This blouse is already padded and lined for comfort and can be styled with plain sarees, pencil skirts, or formal pants. You can choose to accessorize with a belt, high heels and a tote bag.









4. Not-So-Classic Black & White Blouse

Our Not-So-Classic Black & White Blouse is a modern monochrome Chevron printed Blouse - perfect for Business Casual or Evening work events. It features a Boatneck sleeveless design and is padded for comfort. The Satin fabric provides a high-quality sheen for an overall polished look.

This blouse not only gives a mod twist to Sarees but also looks stunning with high-waisted flared skirts, pleated midi skirts or wide-leg trousers.









5. Fine Foliage Self print Blouse

A classic Shirt style Blouse in soft Cotton, our Fine Foliage Blouse in Maroon has a fine fern-like self print all over. The shirt style fitting makes for comfortable all day wear.

This blouse not only gives an edgy touch when paired with sarees but also looks casual chic with denim or pants.










6. Classic White Poplin Stretch Blouse

Wear your saree with Confidence with our Classic White Poplin Stretch Blouse. A must-have Shirt Blouse in classic white that goes with everything - it is collared with 3/4th puffed sleeves for an added flair.

The stretchy Poplin fabric makes for comfortable wear and fit. Choose to style this Blouse with formal sarees or pants for simplicity, or play with dynamic colors and bolder print sarees. 









7. Classic Black Stretch Blouse 

Our statement Shirt Style blouse in Black is a must-have in your work wardrobe. Our Classic Black stretch Blouse in Poplin has a comfortable fit and is collared with 3/4th sleeves with cuffs and slit.

The Classic Black pairs well with all sarees, formal pants, high-waisted denim and trousers - Be Business ready by adding the right amount of accessories to your look.








8. Dahlia Rose Blouse

Our Dahila Rose Blouse is perfect for dressing up without too much effort. The rich Maroon Satin gives a luxurious feel. The wrap-angrakha syle with front V-neck and rose applique buttons gives this blouse a very graceful appeal.

Wear this Blouse over a dress or high waisted trousers and look perfect for Informal work occasions.









9. Wrap & Clap Blouse

Have fun with prints with our Wrap & Clap Blouse - A V-neck off-white-on-maroon printed cotton blouse with a Shawl Collared neck in the front with button closure and padded for comfort.

It coordinates very well with most sarees and high-waisted flared skirts, pleated midi skirts or wide-leg trousers for that ethnic twist on your workwear.









10. Black Rose Blouse

Look and feel Corporate Ready with our Black Rose Blouse. Featuring a wrap-style Angrakha Black blouse with a front V-Neck and Rose applique buttons - this blouse is subtlety at its finest. The rich Black Satin finish adds to its charm.

Pair this multifunctional blouse with all sarees, casual pants and flared trousers. Don’t forget to wear your favorite high heels and gold jewelry for a fashionable vibe.








Never be out of choices for your workwear looks with so many classic and elegant pieces to choose from. Say Goodbye to boring old formals and always Be Work mode ready with Triyah’s stylish range of Formal Blouses. Elegantly handcrafted just for you!