Meet the Founder


Tanuja is an Indian at heart and has scaled great heights in her long corporate career of 30 years working for fortune 500 companies. She has managed more than 2500 crores sourcing in various countries of South Asia and Africa.  Having raised two kids who are now grown ups gave her the nudge to take the plunge and leave working for foreign companies but do something for India and its women.

Having traveled extensively to many countries and continents she felt that women in most countries are now similarly dressed -  which is western . An acceptable dress code even in India has become a trouser and shirt for women , or a Salwar Kameez at best. 

We are slowly forgetting to wear the dress which celebrates Indianness and also celebrates women of India. The all powerful, Elegant and graceful attire of a Saree. 

She formed Triyah for liberated, Confident, Multitasking and self-aware women who believe there should be democracy in choosing to wear what we like. Tradition is still in our hearts and we like to feel desired, Elegant, graceful and demand respect with whatever we choose to wear.