Your Closet Needs This Super Pretty (&Affordable)Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees are in huge demand owing to the start of the summer season. So, which super pretty sarees should you add to your closet? Read on to find out!

4 Super Pretty Cotton Sarees to Add to Your Closet

Chanderi Cotton Sarees

Chanderi Sarees have their origins in the small town of Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Although the weaving culture of sarees in Chanderi can be traced back to around the 2nd to 7th century, the Chanderi Saree tradition actually started in the 13th Century.

Interesting fact: Initially, Chanderi Saree weavers were mostly Muslims. However, in the late 13th century, Jhansi’s Koshti Weavers came & settled in Chanderi. They eventually learned the weaving process of Chanderi Sarees.

Chanderi Sarees are mostly made from a combination of three fabrics: Chanderi Cotton, Pure Silk & Silk Cotton. These amazing sarees are usually characterized by Peacocks, Traditional Coins, Floral Art, Geometric prints & many other alluring design elements.

Chanderi Sarees are some of the most popular women’s outfits in India which are typically known for their exquisite embroidery, fine zari work or Silver & Gold Brocade.

These Sarees also boast hand block prints that can seamlessly amp up your look for any event. The fabric of these sarees is typically characterized by glossy transparency, sheer texture & lightweight. This helps you to easily drape & flaunt Chanderi Sarees.  You can add a spell-binding Princess Pine Chanderi Saree that also includes Blouse Material to add to your Cotton Sarees Collection.

Washing Tip: Only opt for Dry Cleaning as other forms of washing can damage the fabric.

Kota Doria Sarees

The alluring Kota Doria sarees were first weaved in Mysore by weavers who were known as Masurias.

Now, you might wonder as to why the sarees are named Kota Doria, Kota being located in Rajasthan! That is because around the 17th – 18th Century, these weavers were brought by Rao Kishore Singh from Mysore to Kota. This happened duringShajahan’s reign & Rao Kishore Singh was a general who facilitated this trip.

The union of the states during that period brought about the famous Kota-Masuria Sarees. During that time, the saree material was considered to be auspicious. That is why the sarees were only adorned for religious occasions.Over time, the Kota-Masuria sarees gave rose to the Kota Doria fabric which is well-known throughout India & the world.

Kota Doria Sarees usually come in 3 types namely Zari, Printed & Basic Sarees. Since the Kota Doria fabric is versatile, you can easily wear these sarees for high-profile or casual events.

You can go for an amazing Kota Doria Cotton Saree like Pink Hand-Block Printed Saree to add to your Cotton Sarees Collection in your Closet.

Hand Block Printed Sarees

Hand Block Printed Cotton Sarees are some of the most popular outfits among women. One of the primary reasons for this phenomenon is the use of wooden blocks to print some of the most spell-binding designs on the sarees.

But that’s not all! Did you know that the art of hand block printing originated somewhere around 3000 B.C? Although this tradition was initiated by Mesopotamia, it slowly made inroads into India.

Interesting Fact: It was the Maharajas of India under whom the tradition of Hand Block Printing flourished in the early 12th century.

Superficially, the process of hand block printing looks easy. All you need to do is dip the design-end of a wooden block in the colors & then imprint it on the fabric. But this is where the simplicity ends. Why?

Carving a wooden block to get the desired design is very complicated. In addition to that, imprinting the same design pattern or a bunch of designs on the cotton saree is nerve-wracking.

But this is where our skilled artisans & craftsmen come into the picture!

They have been practising this ancient tradition for a long time & have passed it to their children who passed it to their children. Although times are getting tougher, our local artisans & craftsmen have stuck their ground & are continuing their practice of weaving some of the most popular sarees on the planet.

You can go for a Henna Linen Hand-Block Printed Saree or a Linen Ebony & Ivory Hand Block Printed Saree to make your Cotton Sarees Collection versatile.

Linen Sarees

Linen is regarded as one of the oldest fabrics along with Cotton. You might think that why is linen featuring in a list of Cotton sarees? That is because the Linen fabric is a type of breathable fabric that is perfect for the summer season.

In the earlier days, this fabric was mostly worn by wealthy people. Why? The line fabric is difficult to manufacture but it does boast of excellent durability. The Linen fabric is manufactured from fibres of the flax plant (linseed). It boasts of characteristics like high absorbency, durability & sturdiness.

You can go for beautiful linen sarees like Surreal Scarlet Linen Saree to make your Closet more versatile!

Note: Most of these sarees include the Saree Blouse. So, you don’t have to visit any nearby shop to separately get your saree blouse material.

These are 4 types of super pretty yet affordable cotton sarees that you can add to your closet. Want to get some amazing cotton sarees? Then you should head over to Triyah. You can find a wide range of Kota Doria, Chanderi, Linen & Hand Block Printed Sarees that you can wear for any event.