Upgrade Your Ethnic Style in The Best Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees are in huge demand owing to the upcoming summer season. But not all cotton sarees can amp up your Ethnic style. So, which cotton sarees should you go for? Read on to find out!

Upgrade Your Ethnic Style in The Best Cotton Sarees

Here are some amazing cotton sarees that you can wear to seamlessly upgrade your Ethnic look.

1. Linen Cotton Sarees

    As the name implies, Linen Cotton Sarees comprise a blend of 2 fabrics i.e., Linen & Cotton. Both these fabrics can be easily used for summer wear since they boast excellent thermoregulation properties. This means that if you wear Linen Cotton Sarees in summer, you’ll stay cool due since the fabric draws away heat from the body. Additionally, these sarees are characterized by excellent strength, comfort, absorbency. You can easily find a wide range of Linen sarees in alluring patterns & designs across various online & offline stores to add to your printed cotton saree collection.

    Interesting Fact: Linen sarees boast anti-allergic properties. This ensures that your skin doesn’t react to the fabric so that you can easily flaunt these sarees at any event.

    2. Kota Doria Sarees

    Kota Doria Sarees boast a unique blend of Silk & Cotton fabric. Originally these sarees used to come in square check patterns. With changing, times & trends, more alluring patterns & designs were used to amp up the style of Kota Doria Sarees. An interesting fact of these sarees is that the cotton fabric provides the strength whereas the Silk fabric contributes to the shine of the saree.

    The name of the sarees is quite interesting too since the saree’s origin is in Mysore. However, in the 17th Century, the weavers known as Masurias were brought from Mysore to Kota, Rajasthan. The resulting union of the cultures & the local weavers brought about the stylish yet ethnic Kota Doria Sarees.

    These sarees are available in a myriad of designs & if you want to add a Kota Doria saree to your wardrobe then you should go for a Pink Kota Doria Hand-Block Printed Saree.

    3. Hand Block Print Sarees

    Hand Block Print Sarees  as the name implies comprises alluring patterns & designs that are achieved with the help of wooden blocks.

    These wooden blocks are carved & designed by our local skilled artisans & craftsman who have learnt the trade from their fathers & grandfathers. Although the origins of Hand Block Printing can be traced back to 3000 BC in Mesopotamia, this saree making process gained immense popularity in India.

    Hand Block Print Sarees are among some of the latest saree trends in India as these sarees give the wearer a sense of exclusivity. The sole reason for this is that Hand Block Print Sarees take about 10-15 days to make. The fabrics, colors & other materials are completely natural.

    So, if you are planning to attend an upcoming office event or a wedding then you can easily flaunt Hand Block Print Cotton Sarees.

    4. Pure Cotton Sarees

    Pure Cotton Sarees have been around for a long time in India. These elegant sarees are primarily made from pure cotton fabric. These sarees are in huge demand owing to the upcoming summer season.

    Cotton sarees are known to provide immense comfort to the wearer since it is boasts of excellent thermoregulation properties. Additionally, these sarees are characterized by good strength & durability. Washing these sarees might be cumbersome but the comfort that these classic outfits provide is unparalleled.

    5. Khadi Cotton Sarees

    Khadi Cotton Sarees are well-known across India due to their sheer versatility & simplicity. Tired of wearing traditional sarees to special occasions? Try out a Khadi saree because you won’t regret the decision! Why? These sarees are characterized by minimalistic design patterns but bring out a modern ethnic look.

    Since these sarees are breathable you don’t have to worry about sweating. The fabric will keep you comfortable during the hot climate so that you can flaunt your saree effortlessly.

    6. Cotton Pattu Sarees

    Cotton Pattu Sarees or Cotton Silk Sarees are quite famous in the Southern Part of India.

    The word Pattu means Silk. These sarees are primarily worn in summers. However, you can also flaunt these sarees in all weather conditions. They come in exquisite designs, spell-binding patterns & boast complex yet beautiful zari work which can seamlessly amp up your ethnic look.

    These are 6 of the Best Cotton Sarees that can easily amp up your ethnic style. Want to add some alluring cotton sarees to your wardrobe? Then check out Triyah. It boasts of a wide range of Hand Block Print, Kota Doria, Linen & other ethnic sarees that can seamlessly elevate your Ethnic Style.