Summer Fashion Tips: Best Ways to Style Cotton Sarees to Achieve That Classy Look

Summer – the scorching, humid & tiring season is in full swing. India features a tropical monsoon climate which results in even more unbearable conditions. Add rising pollution to the mix, and you’ll realize that wearing a saree in such weather might not seem like a good idea.

But, wait till you come across cotton sarees that boast excellent thermoregulation properties, and the skin-friendly fabric helps the saree wearer feel comfortable. 

“Wait a minute? I want to look classy too!”

If that’s what you are after, then read on to know about some exciting fashion tips which will help you get that classy cotton saree look in summer.

Summer Fashion Tips to get a Classy Cotton Saree Look

1. Choose Authentic Handloom Sarees

Pure handloom sarees are some of the best cotton sarees that you can buy if you want to get that classy look. Why?

These sarees are made from the finest cotton fabric. In addition to that, handloom sarees use naturally sourced materials for colors, designs & in many scenarios, even the weaving process is hand-powered. Therefore, these sarees won’t harm your skin (rashes or itches). You are bound to fall in love with these sarees as they are available in a myriad of colors & beautiful designs.

These sarees are available in expos or are provided by weavers spread across India. Nowadays, even online Ecommerce stores offer authentic handloom sarees like Kota Doria, Chanderi, Hand Block print sarees & more.

2. Go for Cool Colored Sarees

It is recommended that you go for cool colors such as pastel shades instead of deep or bright hues. Why?

During summer, the temperatures are uncomfortably high. Add the scorching sun rays to it.

If you wear sarees that feature deep colors, they will obviously absorb the heat, making you feel uncomfortable.

If you still fancy bright colors, then wear a bright colored sandal or carry a handbag that features bright colors.

Tip: You can also add a bright-coloured hair accessory to balance the cool colors of your handloom saree.

3. The Right Fabric Matters

The color of your saree does matter, but nothing comes close to the significance of choosing an ideal saree fabric.

As discussed in the earlier point, summers are hot & the soaring temperatures can increase your discomfort. Therefore, if you opt for pure cotton sarees, then you can rest assured knowing that your skin can breathe easy & the fabric would seamlessly soak in the sweat, keeping you cool & comfy. So, whether you buy cotton sarees online or offline, do check whether they are made of cotton or not.

4. Adopt a Minimalistic Approach

While there are different ways to style cotton sarees, many girls & women are going for a minimalistic approach. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean not so attractive designs or a dull look.

Instead, most designers & fashion experts state that going for a minimal look requires many efforts.

Some of the things that you can try out to get a minimalistic look include:

A. Opting for a blouse that features exquisite stitch work instead of going for a designer or motif-laden blouses.
B. If you are planning to wear a solid-colored saree that features a handful of motifs here & there and a simple border, then the style of draping you choose will define your look.

These are some ideal summer fashion tips that will help you to get a classy look seamlessly. Want to add some gorgeous handloom sarees to your cotton saree collection? Why not head over to Triyah. It offers a wide range of handcrafted sarees like Kota Doria, Chanderi, Linen, Handblock print & other stylish sarees to help you achieve that trendy summer look.