Statement Blouses: A Must Have to Make Your Sarees Interesting

Statement blouses are helping girls and women make a traditional saree look brand new or add a glamour quotient to their already stunning saree. But, statement blouses have more to them than meets the eye.

These bold & beautiful blouses can also be paired with skirts, lehengas, casual pants as well as denims. They come in beautiful designs, feature comfortable fabrics and can help you make a style statement with ease.

So, what are these statement blouses all about? Which blouses should you add to your wardrobe to make your outfits look more interesting? Read on to find out!

What are Statement Blouses?

As the name implies, Statement blouses are all about making a unique style statement in festivals, parties, weddings or even office meetings. 

The term “Statement” has become a buzzword and is often used with things like Necklaces, Bags, Earrings, Footwear and Garments like Sarees and Blouses. To put it simply, a Statement Piece (in this case blouse) is an attractive, interesting & eye-catching piece of garment that is bold & unique. It may not be oversized or feature bright colors but when you wear it to special occasions, rest assured knowing that you will become the centre of attraction!

Statement Blouses: A Fresh Spin on a Centuries-Old Fashion

Sarees are traditional garments worn by girls & women. They are usually paired with different types of classic blouses. But, Statement blouses for Sarees & other outfits are bringing in a new wave of fashion. 

Gone are the days when you had to wear the usual blouses with your sarees. Statement blouses can be easily paired with not just sarees but lehengas, skirts, jeans and other alluring outfits. This makes statement blouses versatile and a must-have garment in your wardrobe.

And don’t even worry about looking odd with statement blouses. These spell-binding garments make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and make a style statement with ease. 

Pair up your normal looking jeans, skirt or a saree with a statement blouse and make heads turn in any event!

Which Statement Blouses Should You Add to Your Wardrobe?

Here are some amazing Statement Blouses for Lehengas, Sarees, Jeans & other garments that you should add to your wardrobe:

Indigo Indulgence – A Stunning Bagru Printed Cotton Blouse

The Indigo Indulgence statement blouse is a Nehru collared, shirt style blouse which features an enthralling indigo bagru print, snap buttons in the front and a 3/4th sleeve. The different print on the placket highlights the beautiful workmanship of this statement blouse.

Did you know? The broad block prints that you see on the blouse are done by hand which gives it a charming appeal while the classy Indigo color exudes a traditional feel. This gorgeous blouse can be easily paired up with sarees, lehengas, denims and even pants!

Knotty Mustard – An Exquisite V-neck Statement Blouse

The stunning knotty mustard statement blouse isn’t your typical saree blouse. It can be easily paired with denims, lehengas, casual pants and lehengas too.

The knotty mustard blouse is a printed cotton blouse that features a beautiful V-neck design and white-on-mustard prints. The best part about this bewitching blouse is its knot in the front that can be styled in different ways to get a variety of unique looks. The front tie can also be used to keep your saree in place which makes it multi-functional & stylish!

Pair up this statement blouse with your favorite saree and get that glamorous look for parties, weddings or special occasions.

Eye Spy – An Eye-catchy Blouse for the Gorgeous You!  

The Eye Spy is a white, boat neck blouse that features eyelet lace fabric and an above elbow length sleeve. But that’s not all!

This gorgeous blouse boasts of an alluring eyelet that shows the skin on the sleeves and the shoulder elegantly. It also has lining in the bodice and the styling of the blouse is completed with the help of ladder lace that lies between the bodice and the eyelet.

Since the blouse is padded you don’t have to worry about wearing matching innerwear. To further enhance the look of the blouse, a tie has been added to the blouse which can give you a classy look for festivals and parties.

Just like the other blouses, the Eye Spy statement blouse can be worn with casual denims, sarees, lehengas and pants

Classic White Poplin Stretch – A Classy Blouse for Denims

The Classic White Poplin Stretch statement blouse is a classic shirt with stretch fabric that can be easily paired up with just about anything. This chic blouse features a 3/4th sleeve, elegant collars and puffed sleeves in stretchy poplin that gives a stylish look to the wearer. Due to the basic white color of the blouse, you can easily pair it up with a wide range of sarees, lehengas, skirts and casual pants. 

These are a few statement blouses that you should add to your wardrobe.

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