Seven Reasons Why Hand Block Prints are Loved by Fashionistas

Long before modern printing came to the fore, most craftsmen and artisans in India used traditional printing techniques with the help of beautifully carved wooden blocks. This process was known as Hand Block Printing

The principle behind this printing process is pretty simple – You dip the wooden block in a dye (mostly made from naturally sourced materials) and then repeatedly press the block along the length of the cloth to get spell-binding designs on sarees, kurtas and other outfits. But getting the prints right is where the true challenge lies and it often leads to slight but beautiful imperfections.

This unique printing process has been a matter of pride for India for generations as it truly depicts the rich culture & vast heritage of our country. 

Although modern textile printing processes have been trying to aggressively replace the traditional process, many hand block print connoisseurs and rural artisans have kept this valuable technique alive. This has resulted in recognition from all corners of the world.

So, what are some reasons for the popularity of Hand block prints among fashionistas? Read on to find out!

7 Reasons why Fashionistas Love Hand Block Prints

1. A Unique Blend of Comfort & Fashion

Hand block print outfits are high on fashion & high on comfort. Achieving this in other outfits is not entirely possible as you’ll need to either sacrifice comfort to look fashionable or ditch fashion to feel comfortable.

But when it comes to Hand block print outfits, it’s a double win. That is because these apparels come in a wide range of breathable fabrics such as linen, silk & cotton that are fresh and easy to wear.

Whether it is breezy cotton sarees, chic Kurtas, Palazzos or Dresses, block print outfits are certainly keeping fashionistas on their toes!

2. A Wide Range of Versatile Outfits for Everyone!

You might think that since hand block prints are rare, they won’t be available in a variety of designs and colors. But, that’s not true!

Nowadays, Hand block print outfits are available in a plethora of colors & beautiful designs that complement your style, whether it is for a casual outing with your friends, an important office meeting or an upcoming wedding.

From the Kalamkari prints of Andhra Pradesh to Ajrakh Prints of Gujarat & Sanganeri Prints of Rajasthan, you’ll come across a diverse range of hand block print outfits that suit the style sensibility of everyone.

3. Styling these Outfits is Easy

Styling hand block print outfits such as sarees & Kurtas is pretty easy as they usually come in ubiquitous colors such as brick red, white, indigo & more.

The fabric used for these apparels is easy on the skin which results in excellent comfort and an even better drape! 

You can easily pair your hand block print saree or Kurta with solid colors or go for an alluring draping style (sarees) to get a stylish look.

Styling tip: Want to go quirky? Pair up your hand block print saree (dark colors like Indigo) with a white T-shirt & add some chunky jewelry to complete your look.

4. Perfect for Every Budget

Since Hand block prints are rare, they should be expensive, right?

Well, not exactly! 

Hand block print outfits are not only flexible when it comes to fabrics & styles but they are available in a wide range of price points that won’t put a hole in your wallet.

The pricing usually depends on the intricacy of printing, the difficulty of the design, the quality of fabric on which patterns or motifs are printed and the type of dyes used.

They might be slightly expensive but nothing comes close to the comfort & glamour quotient that these alluring outfits provide.  

5. Effortless Accessorizing

If you know about an outfit that is not only easy to drape but can be effortlessly accessorized, you’ll surely add it to your wardrobe, won’t you?

Hand block print outfits are one such type of apparel that are quite easy to accessorize. 

Going to an office party or a wedding function? 

Pair up your hand block print apparel with a beautiful neck piece or oxidized chunky earrings to get a classy look. Try to add at least one bold accessory to keep your look trendy & stylish.

6. Captures the Essence of India

Most hand block prints have their origins tracing back to the era of kings & empires. Therefore artisans & craftsmen of today still use design elements such as motifs & patterns that showcase flora & fauna, palaces, folklore and traditions of India. These not only help you look classy but empower you to show your Indianness wherever you go!

7. Make Heads Turn with Bright & Ladylike Colors

Hand block print apparel such as blouses, kurtas, sarees & others come in both earthy & bright colors.

Vibrant shades usually entail beautiful designs consisting of leaves, petals, animals, flowers and other alluring aspects of our culture. So, seamlessly accentuate your beauty with spell-binding hand block print outfits and become a head-turner at any event.

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