Latest Trends in Hand Block Print Clothing You Should Know About

Hand Block Print Sarees have been popular for the past few centuries. Nowadays there is an increased demand for these beautiful sarees. So, what are some of the latest trends of Hand Block Print Clothing? Read on to find out!

What is Hand Block Printing?

Hand block printing is the process of applying color or designs on outfits like traditional sarees, Kurtis& other garments. This printing process has been around in India for centuries.

The need for hand block printing arose around 3000 B.C. This complicated process originated in Mesopotamia & slowly made its way into India around the 12th century. How? Through the Maharajas! This printing process was made popular in Rajasthan. Eventually, many other Indian states took to the Hand block printing & each state has its signature style.

So, what happens in hand block printing? Read on to know more!

How are the Blocks prepared?

The blocks are generally made up of wood i.e., pearwood, sycamore & plane. Sometimes even stone blocks are also used. But for consistency of design & better results, wooden blocks are typically chosen to color/design garments.

The wooden blocks differ in size but usually, each block is around 3-4 inches thick. This thickness helps artisans & craftsmen to easily handle the block while coloring garments like sarees or Kurtis.

One difficult aspect is the fine details of a particular design. Wood tends to break off when artisans try to incorporate complex design elements. Instead, what they do is use different blocks for different colors & designs. This makes the hand block printing a bit easy.

Mind you that the entire printing process is relatively cumbersome & take many days!

How is Hand Block Printing Done?

To put it simply, a pre-designed wooden block is dipped into colors (usually natural ones) & pressed on the textile/garment. These garments are typically sarees, Kurtis& other traditional Indian wear.

Previously, Indian motifs were used to make hand block printed garments. But as time passed away, local artisans & craftsmen started using carved wooden blocks to incorporate alluring designs on sarees such as Kota Doria, Linen & Chanderi hand block print sarees.

Latest Trends of Hand Block Print Sarees

Hand block printed sarees have come a long way since their inception in the early 12th century. Nowadays women love to flaunt their culture at weddings, festivals, offices & other social events. This led to an increased demand for locally-manufactured sarees & alluring trends of hand block printed sarees.

Sources of Inspiration for Hand Block Printed Traditional Sarees

Block printed sarees are some of the most gorgeous outfits for women. They are made up of naturally-sourced materials that are skin-friendly. The designs on the other hand are inspired by our rich culture & traditions.

While some designs are abstract, others are inspired byMehendi designs. There are no artistic limitations to hand block printing. Our artisans boast of amazing creativity which can easily translate to enchanting designs. Many craftsmen also make extensive designs. They leverage basic design components like Buta, Bel, Jhal& Buti. Such sarees can make you a showstopper at any event!

The Evolution of Hand Block Print Sarees

Since its inception, hand block printed sarees have undergone a gamut of changes as per the changing trends of the Indian fashion scene.

Many design elements have undergone radical changes to ensure relatability & comfort. While the early day sarees were characterized by heavy zari work to showcase royalty, the latest hand-block printed sarees boast of alluring designs that are printed on naturally-sourced fabric.

These fabrics mostly include cotton, cotton silk, Chanderi, Kota Doria, Linen & many more! The fabrics itself are very easy on the skin & provide immense comfort. You might notice some minor irregularities in design but that is the beauty of hand block printed sarees.

How does the Future of Hand Block Printed Outfits look?

Currently, hand block printed outfits like sarees, Kurtis &dresses are in great demand all over India. This trend will most likely continue for the next few years. So, the future of hand block printing looks quite impressive.

As of now, artisans & craftsmen manually carve the wooden blocks which are used in the block printing. If this process is simplified, then hand block printed outfits can be made in a time-bound manner.

Hand block printed sarees & other outfits will never go out of vogue as they carry a sense of exclusivity around them. In addition to that, you can always pair up such outfits with alluring jewellery to get a modern yet chic look!

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