Latest Saree Blouse Trends in 2021 That You Should Know About

Cultural and ethnic garments of women like sarees are some of the most sought-after outfits in India. And one of the most important parts of these beautiful outfits is the blouse. Without a blouse a saree is incomplete.

A blouse also acts as a foundation for the fall of a saree. Each year different types of blouse designs come into the limelight and they get trendy. Similarly, there are a few saree blouse designs & blouse patterns that are trending in 2021. What are they? Read on to find out!

Latest saree blouse designs of 2021 that you should know

  • Blouses with Victorian Styled Sleeves
  • As the name implies, these blouses draw attention to the sleeves instead of the actual blouse. The sleeves are graced with charming sequins, beautiful prints or other alluring materials & designs that can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  • Deep Neck Pearl Blouses
  • Pearls are getting fashionable these days. So, why not get a blouse that is loaded up with pearls. Choose a deep neck pearl-laden blouse according to your saree color & design and rock that next party!

  • Blouses with Multiple Straps
  • The multiple strap blouses are slowly but steadily getting popular among women. These straps usually grace your back. You can go for blouses that come with designer straps or plain-colored straps according to the type of saree that you wear. Flaunt your gorgeous back with these blouses at parties and events to get eyeballs rolling. 

  • Blouses with Tassels
  • Tassels are slowly making their way to blouses. Initially, these tassels graced sarees. But popular designers and local saree brands are designing tassel-laden blouses that can seamlessly accentuate your saree look. These tassels can either come on the back or the sleeves of your blouse. 

    If you are planning to customize your tassel blouse then you can place the tassels on the blouse according to your liking and rock it at parties, festivals or weddings.

  • Long-Sleeved Chinese Collar Blouse
  • Traditional blouse designs have their own charm. But you can always experiment with modern saree blouse designs like the Chinese Collar Blouse.

    As the name implies, these blouses come with collars that resemble the collar designs worn by Chinese women. These blouses usually feature a wide range of floral prints but if you are someone who likes to experiment then you can always customize the blouse according to your liking.

  • The Backless Blouse
  • Backless blouses have been popular for a couple of years now and still continue to trend this year. 

    The idea behind this blouse is pretty simple – To help you flaunt your gorgeous back in weddings, festivals, parties and other social events. These blouses come with various designs and patterns like the Back-slit pattern, multiple strap pattern and many more. Choose one according to your saree and become a head-turner at any event!

  •  The Chic Off-Shoulder Blouse
  • You might’ve noticed Bollywood celebrities and high-profile women flaunt off-shoulder outfits & sarees with off-shoulder blouses in red carpet events. These women certainly started the trend in high-profile events but more & more women are carrying on this trend in weddings, parties and other social events. 

    Tip - Try to get an off-shoulder blouse that comes with an elbow-length sleeve to look gorgeous and modest.

  • Sheer Sleeved Blouses
  • Both full length & elbow length blouses were in trend during different eras. However, these blouses never featured sheer fabric. Fast forward to 2021 and you can flaunt sheer sleeved blouses to parties, weddings and special occasions. Many women are also going for sheer sarees.

    The length of the sleeve depends on the saree that you are wearing and your personal choice. These sheer sleeved blouses also look good on lehengas too. So, if you have a gorgeous lehenga in your wardrobe then do try to wear it with sheer sleeved blouses. 

    These are a few Saree Blouse Trends in 2021 that you should know about. Planning to get some beautiful blouses for a gorgeous saree that you have? Why not check out Triyah? Triyah offers a wide range of blouses that can seamlessly accentuate your look for any event.