How to Take Correct Saree Blouse Measurements for Online Shopping?

Gone are the days when you had to visit 5-10 offline stores or malls before landing that perfect blouse material that complements your gorgeous saree. But the story doesn’t end there. You need to go to the tailor to get all the measurements done so that you can get your blouse stitched and flaunt it with your saree on a wedding, a festival or a special occasion. 

Taking measurements can be a big headache when you are shopping for blouses online. That is why we have curated a simple guide that will enable you to take the right saree blouse measurements while shopping online for a gorgeous blouse.

Things to remember while taking measurements

  • “Two heads are better than one” – the saying holds true for women who want to take saree blouse measurements for online blouse shopping. Instead of struggling on your own, take some help from your mother, siblings or a friend.
  • Wear a saree blouse that you already own and then take measurements. This way you can see whether you want a tighter fit or a loose fit by comparing the measurements with your existing blouse.
  • Go easy on the width if you are opting for thicker blouse fabrics.

How to Take Saree Blouse Measurements?

  • Measure the Blouse Length
  • Here is a helpful tip that will ensure that you get the right blouse length measurements. 

    Take the measurement tape and start from the high point of the shoulder. Now, measure till the point where you want the blouse to end. You need to make sure that the measuring tape falls over your bust completely straight to get the right blouse length measurement.

  • Measure the Bust & Lower Bust
  • Measuring the bust correctly will help you to get a nicely stitched blouse that is easy to wear and would not choke you. 

    To get the right measurements for the bust – start by making a loop with the tape around your chest. It is recommended that you keep the loop a little bit loose for that extra comfort. 

    For lower bust measurements, all you need to do is measure the circumference of the upper abdomen.

    Pro-tip – Wear a nicely fitted inner garment to get accurate measurements and ensure that the measuring tape doesn’t slant at the back where the bra line ends.

  • Measure the Armhole
  • For accurate armhole measurements, you should start by making a loop of the measuring tape around your armpit. 

    One recommendation would be to keep the loop around 0.5-0.75 inches looser than the measurements that you take. This will make sure that you can easily move your arms and hands without any restriction. Too tight and your hand movements will be restricted and you won’t feel comfortable wearing the blouse to parties or special occasions.

  • Carefully measure the Shoulders
  • For shoulder measurements, take your measuring tape and start from the backside of your neck i.e., from one end of the shoulder to the other. 

    Don’t bend or shrink your shoulders while taking shoulder measurements as this can botch up your blouse measurements.

  • Take measurements of the Neck Front & Neck Back
  • The Neck Back & Front measurements usually depend on the type of blouse design that you are going for - in which the neck design can be broad or narrow.

    For Neck Front – Take the measurement tape and start measuring from the place where the neckline begins. Now, bring the tape in a slanting way to the centre point of your chest. This is where the neckline usually ends.

    For Neck Back – The measurements are slightly similar to Neck Front. The only difference is that you take measurements on the back of your neck. 

    However, if you are opting for a deep back cut blouse design then the lengths may vary. So, never copy the neck front measurements for your neck back. Take both measurements separately to ensure that you get a nicely stitched blouse that is easy to wear and comfortable.

  • Lastly, measure the Sleeve Length & Sleeve Width
  • For Sleeve Length – Start measuring from the edge of the shoulder bone and move towards the arm. 

    Keep in mind that the sleeve length depends on your personal preference and the blouse design. In some instances, the embroidery patterns might restrict you from going for long sleeves.

    For Sleeve Width – Make a loop with your measuring tape at that point where the sleeves end. It is recommended that you keep the loop a little bit loose to get a comfy blouse.

    These are a few tips that will help you to get the correct saree blouse measurements while shopping online. These measurements can help you to land that perfect readymade blouse for weddings, parties or special occasions.