How to Take Care of Your Sarees to Make Them Look as Gorgeous for Years as They Are Today

Indian Women love their sarees. If a particular saree is their favorite then they don’t want such gorgeous outfits to lose their shine or durability even after years of use.

But maintaining sarees is a complicated process. Each saree fabric has its own set of advantages & disadvantages and they need to be stored in a proper way to maintain its shine and gorgeousness. If you don’t take proper care of your sarees, then chances are that they will deteriorate over time and become unusable.

But, fret not! Here are a few useful tips that will enable you to take care of your sarees & make them look as gorgeous for years as they are today. Read on to know more!

Tips to Take Care of Your Sarees & Make Them Look Gorgeous After Years

Cotton Sarees–Maintain Your Daily Wear Sarees with Ease

Cotton saree fabric is one of the best fabrics for daily wear & special occasions. In the upcoming summer season, most women would preferably go for cotton sarees as they provide immense comfort.

However, taking care of sarees is no easy feat. Keep in mind that you should never wash cotton sarees with other outfits as this can damage the cotton fabric. While drying a cotton saree, you should take special care as direct sunlight will result in color fading. Here are some other important tips that will help you to take care of your sarees efficiently:

Washing–Washing a cotton saree for the first time? Then soak the saree in a mixture of warm water & rock salt. This will prevent the saree from bleeding any color for the subsequent washes.

Detergent – Always go a mild detergent as harsh detergents can cause discoloration. Do not wring the saree rigorously. Instead, hang the saree & let the excess water drain off.

Starch – Using starch after washing cotton sarees will go a long way in ensuring that your sarees stay stain-free & crisp.

Drying – Never hang a cotton saree in direct sunlight as it came to result in color fading. Instead, use a shade to dry your favorite cotton sarees & maintain them for years.

Storage – Make sure that the saree storing area is devoid of direct sunlight & humidity.

Silk Sarees–Maintain Your Precious Sarees Effortlessly

While cotton sarees can be handwashed the same cannot be said for Silk sarees. Silk sarees have to be maintained with utmost care otherwise they will lose their sheen or elegance within a few months of usage. Here are a few tips to maintain your Silk Sarees:

Washing – Avoid Machine/Hand-wash when it comes to a Silk saree. Preferably opt for dry-cleaning services to maintain your Silk sarees.

Stain-Removal – Use cold water to remove stains.

Drying – Avoid direct sunlight drying. Instead, hang the saree under a shade to make sure that your Silk saree retains its shine.

Storage – Don’t store silk sarees with other outfits. Instead, use a muslin cloth to wrap your silk sarees. After that, you can place them in your cupboard. This will keep the moisture at bay since Muslin allows air to pass through freely.

Handloom Sarees - Take Care of Ethnic Sarees

Handloom sarees can come in various fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Kota Doria, Chanderi or other alluring fabric.

Washing tips comprise opting for dry-cleaning services. However, if you want to wash your sarees yourself then use mild detergents and don’t let them stay on your saree for too long. Quickly wash it off & avoid using a brush to wash your sarees.

When it comes to removing stains, keep this point in mind: Remove stains immediately. If the stains are oily, then use a talcum powder which will soak the oiliness. You can then wash the stain gently to remove it completely.

The drying instructions are almost similar to that of cotton & silk sarees. Dry the Handloom sarees in partial shade & avoid wringing the sarees to drain excess water. Spread out the sarees on a flat surface so that they can dry easily.

Pro-Tip: Dry your precious sarees separately to make them look gorgeous for years!

Organza Sarees – Tips to Maintain Modern Sarees

Organza Sarees can also get easily damaged if they are not properly maintained. It is recommended that you go for dry-cleaning services instead of hand-washing the organza sarees.

When it comes to storing these sarees, use a muslin cloth to wrap the sarees just like you wrap the silk sarees to keep the humidity away. Also, avoid hanging organza sarees for a long duration as it can damage the fabric & the shape of the saree.

These are a few tips that will help you to take care of your sarees to Make Them Look as Gorgeous for Years as They Are Today. Want to get some gorgeous handloom sarees like Hand Block Print, Kota Doria or Chanderi Sarees? Why not head over to Triyah? Triyah offers an exclusive collection of Handcrafted Sarees that can turn you into a showstopper at any event!