Cotton Sarees - The Most Elegant Attire for Women

Cotton sarees have been an integral part of women’s outfits in India for centuries. These sarees went through many changes in terms of designs & fabric compositions due to external influences like foreign cultures & traditions. But, the cotton saree itself continues to remain a part of Indian women garments. Why is it one of the most elegant attire for women? Read on to know more!

When did Cotton Sarees Come to the fore?

The cotton fabric was first cultivated in India around 5000-4000 B.C. It was then used to weave cotton sarees for women. At the same time, natural color dyes like lac, turmeric, indigo & red madder were used to color these sarees. Since then, cotton saree has become an inherent part of women’s outfits.

Characteristics of Cotton Sarees

  • They are known for their Simplicity
  • Fancy minimalistic sarees? Then a cotton saree can be the right choice for you. Even though a cotton saree seems simple, its designs & alluring handiwork make them versatile outfits that can be worn for almost any event. You can easily use them for daily wear or amp up your look with some enchanting draping styles for office or social events.

  • Easy on the Skin
  • Cotton fabric offers excellent comfort & is very easy on the skin. Even doctors & renowned dermatologists suggest wearing loose cotton clothes to those people affected by skin-related issues. The cotton fabric keeps the germs away & helps you to maintain good skin health. Cotton saree does seem more elegant now, doesn’t it?

  • Excellent Temperature Regulation Properties
  • The cotton saree possesses amazing temperature regulation characteristics. This makes it a preferred out for almost any season. The cotton fabric allows air to easily pass through while retaining required moisture. So, the next time you plan to attend a family gathering or an official event, simply pickup a cotton saree for excellent comfort.

  • Maintaining Elegant Cotton Sarees Is Easy
  • Worried about maintaining your cotton saree? Fret not! Washing a cotton saree is pretty straight forward. You need not go through the tedious dry cleaning process which is done for other sarees. Hand or machine wash will do just fine. It is recommended to dip cotton sarees in starch periodically to preserve the texture & color quality.

  • Affordable Costs
  • As we have seen above, a cotton saree boasts of some amazing traits. But it is affordable as compared to other types of sarees.

    What are the Types of Cotton Sarees?

  • Kota Doria Sarees
  • Kota Doria is a lightweight fabric which is made up of pure cotton. As the name implies, the fabric is woven by hands in a traditional pit loom. These pit looms are located in Kaithoon, Kota. Hence the name Kota Doria. These sarees are characterized by thin & airy fabric. They are translucent, soft & light.

    You can get some amazing Kota Doria Hand-block printed sarees to amp up your look for any event. When you get a Kota Doria saree, you not only add a gorgeous outfit to your wardrobe but support local & rural artisans too!

  • Chanderi Sarees
  • Chanderi sarees have a mythological connection. It is believed that Shishupal, who happens to be Lord Krishna’s cousin introduced the Chanderi fabric.

    Another name for Chanderi sarees is woven air. Why woven air? It’s because the fabric is transparent and boasts of a sheer texture. This is due to the weaving process of the Chanderi fabric which uses extra-fine yarns. You will find 3 primary types of Chanderi saree namely silk cotton, pure silk & cotton sarees. 

    Get a Chanderi saree and wear it to any event to showcase the fine craftsmanship of our Indian weavers.

  • Hand Block Printed Sarees
  • Hand block printed sarees are those cotton sarees whose design is done using wooden blocks. This is a tedious process as artisans need to carefully weave the fabric, dye it & then imprint the design after taking due measurements. The process is wholly done by hands which makes it exclusive. Although there might be some similarity in designs, in the end, you will get a saree that has a completely unique design pattern.

  • Pure Cotton Sarees
  • As the name implies, a pure cotton saree is made from pure cotton fabric. It boasts of all the properties of pure cotton fabric and is available in various colors and designs. These are the true traditional outfits of India that women can drape for any day or night-time event.

    There are many other varieties of cotton sarees such as Jamdani, Khadi, Linen cotton, Malmal & others. The affordability, availability, choice of designs & colors make a cotton saree the most elegant outfit for women.

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