9 Things to Note When You're Shopping Blouses Online

Who doesn’t love shopping online for garments like sarees and blouses? It is easy, fast and convenient. You get to buy the latest and greatest products starting from exquisite sarees to unstitched & readymade blouses

But, what should you take care of while shopping for blouses online? Read on to find out!

Checklist to Follow While Shopping Blouses Online

1. Make Sure to Check the Sizing Chart of Each Blouse

This is perhaps one of the most important things to do while buying blouses for women online.

Every brand has its own size chart. So, you need to check it and compare your blouse measurements. This way you will land the perfect blouse for your spell-binding saree. 

If you don’t check the size chart then chances are that you will get a blouse that is too tight and you will have to either return the blouse or exchange it. 

2. Don’t Forget to Check the Fabric Type of the Blouse

The next thing that you need to check is the fabric of the blouse. Online Shopping seems easy but if you go for a blouse fabric that is not comfortable and easy to wear then it can hinder you from looking your absolute best during festive occasions, weddings or parties. 

If it is summer, go for cotton as it is one of the most comfortable fabrics. If you want to wear a blouse during winter then go for silk. Alternatively, you can go for full-sleeved blouses too.

But, make it a point to check the blouse fabric while shopping for blouses online.

3. Not sure about your size? Then avoid Readymade Blouses

Even after getting the correct saree blouse measurements and comparing them with the size chart, if you feel that the blouse won’t fit you then it is better to avoid readymade blouses. 

Instead, go for non-stitched ones as you can get them stitched according to your blouse measurements. Less headache and more comfort!

4. Check the Return Policy

If you order a blouse that doesn’t fit you properly and you want to return it or replace it for a larger size then you need to understand that the brand from where you have ordered the blouse must have a return policy. 

If it doesn’t then you will not be able to return or replace the blouse. So, do check the return policy of the seller otherwise you’ll end up with a  gorgeous blouse that you cannot wear.

5. Buy a Larger sized blouse

If only some measurements match the size chart of a particular blouse and the other measurements don’t then go for a larger size blouse.

There are two advantages of opting for a larger sized blouse:

  • You can always stitch the larger sized blouse according to your measurements.
  • If the blouse is too large then you can always exchange it for a smaller size.

6. Check if smaller sized blouses are available or not

Before you go for a larger sized blouse make sure to check the availability of smaller sized blouses. 

As mentioned in the earlier point, you can always exchange the larger sized blouse with a smaller one if the blouse is too loose.

However, if smaller sized blouses are not available then you will have to adjust with the blouse that you ordered. 

7. Always check the Reviews

Reviews are a great way to know if the blouse that you are buying is liked by other customers or not.

Sellers will showcase the best things about a blouse. But it is the customers who actually wear the blouse and share their real-life experiences with others online.  With these reviews, you can get to know the comfort, ease-of-wearing, durability and other aspects of a blouse.

8. Try to avail a Discount Coupon if Available

Many online stores run special discounts, deals and offers during festive occasions or the launch of new products. Try to check out these discount coupons if available and apply them during checkout to get your favorite blouse at an affordable price.

9. Take Correct Measurements

Our body size and weight change constantly and many times we don’t even notice the changes happening in our body. 

One of the most common mistakes that most people make while shopping for blouses online is that they use the same measurements that were taken 6 months or maybe a year ago. But, after getting that gorgeous blouse, they won’t be able to wear it because it is too tight or too loose. 

Need some tips on how to take correct saree blouse measurements for online shopping? Check out our blog  to get all the tips!

So, if you are confused about how to buy blouses online then simply follow the 9 tips that we have shared to land that perfect blouse for an upcoming wedding, a party or a festival.

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