6 types of Blouse Fabrics that you should know about

When it comes to wearing a saree for casual or special occasions, a crucial thing to look out for is the blouse – The blouse fabric, blouse design and embroidery work if needed. You need to experiment with a few blouse fabrics and designs before getting that perfect look for a wedding or a party.

So, which blouse fabrics should you know about? Read on to find out!

6 Types of Blouse Fabrics You Should Know About

1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most commonly used blouse fabrics. Cotton blouse is not only ideal for cotton sarees but other alluring sarees like silk, chiffon, linen, & georgette. 

One of the biggest advantages of cotton fabric is the immense comfort it provides. This is because the cotton fabric lets air pass through easily which cools you down quickly during hot climates.

You can go minimal with a plain cotton blouse or stand out from the rest of the crowd with a printed cotton blouse. Which blouse design you choose; cotton fabric will ensure that you stay classy and comfy for any type of occasion!

2. Silk

In the earlier days, silk was regarded as one of the most luxurious blouse fabrics. It still is!

But, nowadays, there are many varieties of silk out of which some are perfect for casual wear whereas others are ideal for special occasions like weddings, festivals and family gatherings.

If you are planning to go traditional with your silk blouse then opt for a deep neck blouse design or go for a full-sleeve/elbow length sleeve blouse design. 

On the other hand, if you want to raise the glamour quotient of your silk blouse then you can always go for the backless blouse design or a high neck blouse design.

Keep this point in mind - Casual wear silk blouses come with comfy fabric. However, if you want to wear a silk blouse with your saree for special occasions then this type of silk can feature embroidery work or other forms of design that will make the fabric breathe less. So, choose a silk blouse according to the event and comfort. 

3. Net

Net blouses have certainly gained prominence among women in the past few years. Bollywood divas and high-profile women have been rocking gorgeous net sarees with net blouses to red carpet events or special occasions. This increased the popularity of the net fabric.

As the name implies, the net blouse fabric features a translucent material and can come with a shimmery or a normal appearance. So, you need to choose the net fabric for your blouse according to your saree and the occasion.

You can go for a bold look by wearing a transparent netted back blouse or a netted sleeve blouse to steal the limelight at parties or special events!

4. Satin

Want to get a gorgeous party look? Then Satin blouse is your best bet. Pair up your stunning saree with a luxurious & soft satin blouse to get that perfect party look. 

The innovative satin weaving process results in a soft & shiny fabric that offers a soft feel to the wearer. Go for a halter neck blouse or a long-sleeve satin blouse design to get an alluring look for wedding receptions or grand parties.

5. Linen

Whether it is summer or winter, you can choose a linen blouse for your saree with your eyes closed.

Linen is a versatile fabric that can be worn during hot or cold climates. Although linen blouses look best with handloom sarees you can always create a new trend by flaunting a linen blouse with a cotton or silk saree.

The linen fabric’s features are surprisingly similar to cotton which means you get to enjoy the same level of comfort & classiness as that of a cotton blouse!

6. Velvet

Velvet is a smooth, soft & luxurious fabric that features a shiny appearance and is relatively dense as compared to other blouse fabrics. This makes velvet blouses ideal for winters as they keep you warm and cozy during the cold & chilly climate.

These are a few types of saree blouse fabrics that you should know about. Want to get some gorgeous blouses for your saree? Why not check out Triyah. Triyah offers a wide range of blouses that can seamlessly amp up your casual wear, wedding or party look!