5 Comfortable and Admired Handloom Fabrics for Summer

Navigating summers with uncomfortable fabrics is certainly a challenge. But, with comfortable handloom fabrics (made from naturally sourced materials) you can easily avoid that sweaty, sticky feeling that you always dreaded. So, what are those popular & classy handloom fabrics that you should go for during summer? Read on to find out!

5 Trendy and Comfortable Handloom Fabrics for Summer

1. Cotton – One of the best Summer Fabrics

If you ask young and old people about their preferred fabric for summer attire, the first word that will come out of their mouths is – Cotton! 

I mean, why not? Cotton fabric is built to withstand the sweltering heat of India. 

Synthetic fibers might’ve taken the spotlight away from cotton but when it comes to comfort and style, nothing can beat the naturally sourced fabric. In addition to that, cotton features hypoallergenic properties. This feature is perfect for those having high skin sensitivity. But, that’s not all!

Cotton is soft, easily absorbs moisture, lets air pass through (keeps the sweat away) and is available in semi-sheer to opaque fabric types.

Therefore, you can never go wrong with cotton during summers.

2. Linen – It is surprisingly similar to Cotton!

Linen is another amazing fabric that you can go for if you want to get some nice and comfy clothes for summer

As mentioned above, this alluring fabric has features that are quite similar to cotton. It easily absorbs moisture, facilitates better airflow and the structure of the fabric ensures that you don’t get irritated (the fabric doesn’t stick to the skin!).

This fabric is again sourced from a plant (natural origins) called flax plant and you’ll come across different outfits made from linen such as linen pants, sarees, kurtas and more. 

Grab any outfit that suits your taste and rock that next party or an office event!

3. Khadi – An exquisite Fabric with Humble Beginnings

Khadi first originated during India’s freedom struggle and has been a mainstream fabric in villages.

However, popular designers such as Rajesh Pratap Singh, Sabyasachi & Wendell Rodricks noticed this humble fabric and made it popular in leading fashion events. 

This comfy fabric is handspun and made from naturally sourced materials (no chemicals involved). So, you don’t have to worry about skin allergies or irritation (if you plan to wear the outfit for a long time). 

Therefore, this organic fabric is an ideal choice for Indian weather conditions especially summers (because the fabric “breathes”) helping you stay cool and confident in any event!

4. Chanderi – Want to look classy in Summers?

The Chanderi fabric was first weaved almost a century ago and they still continue to hold a special place in the wardrobe of popular designers, Bollywood divas and common people. That is because outfits made from the Chanderi fabric often feature a fusion of modern & traditional weaving techniques. 

This exquisite fabric is actually a blend of light silk, cotton & some zari. You’ll come across different types of outfits like Tunics, Tops, Sarees, Indo-western dresses amongst others made from various Chanderi fabrics like Chanderi Cotton, Chanderi Silk Cotton, Pure Silk Chanderi and more. 

Popular Bollywood stars noticed this alluring fabric and flaunted outfits made from this fabric to different high-profile events. This actually helped the Chanderi fabric to gain more popularity.

Planning to get a nice summer attire? Why not go for Chanderi outfits?

5. Kalamkari – Has a history of over 3000 years!

Did you know? Kalamkari literally means Pen & Craftsmanship!

Kalamkari is a combination of two Persian words namely Kalam (Pen) & Kari (Craftsmanship).

The name itself might help you understand the exquisite nature of the outfits made from the Kalamkari technique. 

Kalamkari prints can be beautifully imprinted on a wide range of fabrics like Silk, Cotton, Chiffon and others. However, since it is summer attire that we are after, let’s stick to Cotton. 

You’ll come across outfits like sarees & kurtas made from organic cotton featuring enchanting prints about the culture and traditions of India. These outfits are colored with natural dyes which are easy on your skin.

So, you can easily choose Kalamkari outfits if you are planning to attend some events or festivals during the summer season.

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