4 Organic & Eco friendly fabrics for the Environment-Conscious

For the past few years, you would’ve most probably come across news articles, blog posts or news channels airing concerns about the damage caused due to toxic chemicals, the increasing percentage of greenhouse gases which is raising the global temperatures every year.

Most of this damage to the environment is being caused due to man-made activities like using chemicals and toxic materials to manufacture various types of electronic devices, plastic products and even textiles! 

Did you know? According to a leading report from the United Nations, the Fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of the total global emissions. To put it simply, almost 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted due to textile production. 

Yes, these synthetic fabrics are much more affordable than environmentally friendly fabrics but they have been harming our environment all these years and this poses a great threat to our planet. 

So, are there any green alternatives? 

Yes, you will find a lot of naturally sourced fabrics that can easily replace synthetic ones. Want to know about them? Read on!

4 organic & eco friendly fabrics for the environment-conscious

1. Organic Cotton

Why give a separate name of “organic cotton” when cotton is actually made from naturally sourced materials? Well, that is what we think about cotton but there is more than meets the eye.

Leading studies suggest that the production of cotton is one of the most polluting processes in the textile industry. That is because many cotton manufacturers use toxic chemical pesticides, defoliants and other artificial materials that harm the soil.

Did you know? Almost 60% of clothing of the whole world is made from cotton. Now, imagine the scale of damage that the chemically produced cotton processes will have on our planet.

This is where Organic cotton can make all the difference!

Instead of relying on chemicals, organic processes are used to grow cotton and manufacture it. These natural processes substantially improve the quality of cotton. 

But, here comes the best part – since the cotton is naturally grown, it boasts of excellent hypoallergenic properties which mean no skill allergies, rashes or other issues. 

Enjoy Pure comfort when you wear outfits made from authentic cotton fabric!

2. Organic Linen

Linen is one of the popular current day handloom fabrics that is used to make different types of outfits like sarees, blouses, kurtas, home décor items and more. Organic linen is a fabric that is made with the help of natural processes and materials.  

The fabric itself is fairly light in weight, possesses hypoallergenic & absorbent properties and can be easily worn in almost any season!

In addition to that, Linen is regarded as one of the strongest fabrics out of all the natural fabrics. The fabric gets soft with each subsequent wash but retains its durability. Since the fabric is absorbent, it can hold various types of colors without bleeding. 

Linen outfits offer unparalleled comfort, look very elegant and crisp and due to the use of naturally sourced materials and organic processes, the fabric is non-allergenic which means that you don’t have to worry about rashes or skin infections. 

So, adding outfits made from this natural fibre to your wardrobe not only reduces your carbon footprint but helps you look elegant in almost any event!

3. Hemp

Hemp is another amazing eco friendly fabric that is quickly gaining prominence in the fashion industry. 

One of the biggest reasons for the eco-friendliness of hemp fabric is because the plant (from which the fibre is derived) grows very quickly & densely. Therefore, manufacturers don’t need to use fertilizers or chemicals to accelerate the growth of the plant. But, that’s not all!

Hemp plant releases nutrients that make the soil more fertile. So, the hemp plant has minimal impact on the ecological system while helping increase the yield of succeeding crops. The production and textile manufacturing processes of the hemp plant are eco-friendly and the long fibres of the hemp plant make it an ideal fabric for spinning and weaving.

The fabric itself is highly durable, possesses absorbent and insulating properties and easily improves with each wash (gets softer). You can easily grab various types of hemp outfits like crop tops, skirts, shorts, pants, shirts and many other products!

4. Organic Wool

Wool is primarily extracted from sheep and other animals like cashmere goats, alpaca and camels. Wool is regarded as a renewable fibre. But due to the use of various types of chemicals and methods to process, extract and convert wool it has been losing its eco-friendliness factor.

This is where organic wool comes into the picture. This natural fibre is obtained by using natural methods like providing organic feed and hormones to the animals, using natural pesticides for pastures. Outfits made from organic wool are much better in terms of quality & comfort as compared to chemically extracted wool.

Going eco-friendly is the need of the hour and by opting for sustainable and eco friendly fabrics you can easily contribute to mitigating the harmful effects of toxic materials while looking classy and trendy in various types of gorgeous handloom outfits!